Rental property can prove to be a great investment. It’s a bit tricky, but rental property depreciation can be a valuable tool to make your investment pay off.

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How to calculate depreciation for real estate can be a head-spinning concept for real estate investors, but figuring out the tax benefits are well worth it.

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Commercial Real Estate Depreciation Calculator The first step in determining the amount commercial real estate owners may depreciate their property by each year is to calculate the asset’s basis. The basis of a property is essentially its acquisition cost, minus the cost of the land (land is not depreciable in the eyes of the IRS).

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The MACRS Depreciation Calculator allows you to calculate depreciation schedule for depreciable property using modified accelerated cost Recovery System (MACRS) A collection of really good online calculators for use in every day domestic and commercial use!

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. real estate puts the investor in a position to claim deductions related to depreciation, interest expense, and other items to help defer the taxes on cash distributions. "For example, the IRS.

Calculate depreciation deductions for your investment property The BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator helps you to estimate the likely depreciation deductions claimable for all types of property including residential, commercial and manufacturing buildings.

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This calculator is geared towards residential rental property depreciation, but you can still use it to show the depreciation of commercial real estate for one or more years. However, using the general MACRs method, commercial property typically has a useful life of 39 years, and the calculator only shows depreciation for up to 27.5 years.